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Science Reveals the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Children

Science Reveals the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Children

Cell phone radiation is a growing concern among people of all age groups. However, there is mounting evidence about its deleterious effects on children in particular.

Screen time for American kids can exceed six hours a day on average, and a lot of that time is occupied by cell phone use. But all of that cell phone exposure can have a noticeable impact on children, according to new research. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most conclusive evidence about the effect of cell phone radiation on children.

Cell Phone Use Correlates with Incidence of ADHD in Kids

A study conducted in South Korea looked at the link between cell phone use and how prone children were to developing attention disorders. According to the study, increased cell phone use was a predictor of ADHD in kids with elevated levels of lead in their blood.

But the effect was present even when researchers accounted for the levels of lead. Importantly, the research used phone calls, which places the phone close to the user’s head, as a condition of use.

Children Are More Likely to Develop Cancer from Cell Phone Use

Research published in the Archives of Environmental Health associated the incidence of brain tumors with cell phone use in young children. The study found that the younger a subject, the more susceptible they were to the harmful effects of mobile phones on children.

The same research connected cell phone radiation to other forms of cancer, such as breast cancer and cancer of the salivary glands.

Mobile Radiation Effects on Child Tissue Is More Significant Than on Adults

In 2012, The American Academy of Pediatrics warned that the regulations regarding cell phone use aren’t designed to protect children. Meanwhile, a landmark study from 2010 confirms children suffer higher exposure to brain regions than adults.

As a result of cell phone radiation, children’s brains experience 10 times the effects that an adult’s brain would. This effect is due to kids’ substantially smaller skills and brains exposed to the same amounts of radiation.

What Can You Do About It?

Following some general guidelines can help your children stay safe while using phones. Here are a few ideas:

1. Limit the time kids spend on cell phones.

Exposure limits are crucial, especially for activities that place the device close to the body.

2. Minimize cell phone radiation kids receive by using a radiation shield.

Radiation shield technology, such as the Quantum Shield, can neutralize the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones and other electronic devices.

3. Use hands-free devices or speakerphones.

The more space you can put between your children’s phone and their body, the less impact EMR will have, and hands-free devices are a great way to do that.

Protect Your Children from the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

Kids are more susceptible than adults when it comes to cell phone radiation. It’s important to remember they’re not just smaller versions of us; their developing bodies require additional protection measures.

Consider always shielding electronic devices your children use with a radiation shield and limit their exposure time as much as possible.

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