Do Not Sleep With Your Smartphone

Here’s How Cell Phone Radiation Disrupts Sleep

You’re probably well aware of all the ways in which blue light from electronic devices impacts sleep. But did you know that phone radiation while sleeping can have harmful effects as well?

It’s true, according to numerous studies. Some researchers are confident there’s enough evidence to link cell phone radiation to poor sleep patterns and disruptions in deep sleep.

Keep reading to find out how cell phone radiation can affect your sleep and what you can do about it.


Phone Radiation Sleep Disruption Facts

Research into the effects of cell phone radiation is ongoing, but with each study it becomes clearer that there is a serious cause for concern. Some of the effects that have been established – as far as sleep disruption goes – include the following:


Radiation from Phones While Sleeping Disrupts Deep Sleep

A study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) looked at what happens to sleep waves when people are exposed to radiation such as that emitted by cell phones. The results of the study are alarming.

People who were exposed to radiation at bedtime took longer to enter deep sleep than those who didn’t. In addition, they spent less time in deep sleep than participants who weren’t irradiated. The study participants were divided into two groups: one received radiation and the other was told they would be irradiated but received no radiation.

Notably, the Mobile Manufacturer’s Forum (MMF) partially funded the study. The MMF is a lobbying organization representing many of the top manufacturers in the cellphone industry.

The findings are disturbing for several reasons.

Deep sleep is a crucial part of our rest cycle, and many vital functions occur during this state. These functions may be interrupted or obstructed if natural sleep patterns don’t occur. These are just some of the functions that happen during deep sleep:

  1. Your body releases crucial hormones during deep sleep, including growth hormones. Growth hormones are important to developing and repairing tissue and promoting healthy growth.
  2. During deep sleep, your body does maintenance on the brain. Research indicates a lot of the metabolic cleanup of the brain and nervous system happens during deep sleep.
  3. Immune system functions are consolidated and optimized, and cell energy is restored, making you feel rested.

What to Do About Phone Radiation While Sleeping

If you eliminate cell phone radiation, sleep patterns should normalize. There are plenty of good ways to do that.

The simplest way to reduce radiation without changing your habits is to use a radiation shield. Radiation-shielding phone covers, like Quantum Shield, eliminate electromagnetic radiation emissions without affecting the phone’s functionality.

Another simple way to eliminate radiation and protect yourself from blue light is to apply a “no-phone rule” an hour before bed. Keep your phone in another room for an hour before going to bed and while you sleep.


Don’t Let Radiation Disturb Your Sleep

You owe it to yourself to get a good night’s sleep. So, don’t let your cell phone rob you of that. The effects of poor sleep aren’t immediate, and it may be years later before you experience them. Make sure you implement solutions now to remain safe in the future.