Is Mobile Radiation Harmful for Babies?

Children Face Higher Health Risk From Cell Phones

Is Mobile Radiation Harmful for Babies

If you’re an expectant mother or you’ve just had a baby, there may be good reasons to minimize your exposure to cell phones and other wireless devices. Although cell phones are a relatively new phenomenon, ample evidence is emerging about the effects of the radiation they produce.

A review of the research in the field makes some shocking conclusions. In this article, we’ll go through the findings and some things you can do to protect your baby and yourself.


Is Cell Phone Dangerous for Babies?

A report published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure looked at data from cell phone radiation exposure studies over a five-year period between 2009 and 2014. Other sources included government documentation on radiation data, as well as manufacturer’s manuals for cell phones.

According to the findings, children and unborn fetuses face the greatest risk from exposure to radiation. A baby’s brain tissue absorbs radiation more easily, and thinner skulls allow more radiation to reach brain tissue.

The degree to which young brains absorb cell phone radiation more than adults varied in the research. However, results ranged from twice the amount of radiation to 10 times as much.

Despite these findings, federal regulations about exposure limits haven’t been updated since 1996. That’s a problem because when regulators established those limits, the only damage that was considered possible was injuries from tissue heating up as a result of microwave radiation.

Today, we know wireless devices present dangers that aren’t related to heat. Research has associated cell phone use with an increased risk of cancer, and exposure to carcinogens can be more dangerous to younger people.

Is mobile radiation harmful for babies or is it just an overreaction to new technology? At this point, there are some undeniable effects even if there is no consensus about how much cell phone radiation is to blame for those effects.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There’s no reason to expose your baby to an unnecessary danger if you can easily protect them with a few best practices and changes in habits.


Cell Phone Radiation Protection for Babies Tips

Among the most important factors to consider with cell phone radiation is distance. The more distance you put between a device and your baby, the less exposure it receives from the device.

The minimum safe distance between wireless devices and babies is three feet. Any closer and they risk harmful exposure. Some governments around the world have created safety regulations regarding this distance, but many researchers claim the regulations are inadequate.

Another key step you can take is to use a radiation shield on your devices. Radiation shields prevent electromagnetic radiation from escaping your device while freely allowing its use.

Also, you can keep your devices on airplane mode when not using to make calls. If the device isn’t sending and receiving signals, the radiation coming from it is negligible.


A Danger Few Think About

Hopefully, this information helps you understand how important it is to shield your baby from cell phone radiation. Babies are disproportionately affected by this form of radiation and you can keep them safe with something as simple as a radiation shield, such as Quantum Shield, and a few safe use habits.